Vaughan A.I.M.

5th and 6th grade


Last week in AIM, the students got to design a maze for their Sphero to run through. Then using drop-and-drag coding, the teams sent their robot through the mazes! There was a lot of cooperation, creativity, and problem solving going on in class. And boy was it loud! Fun was had by all though, so we love Makerspace!

Art Sparks

This week, we had a guest speaker come to do an art lesson with the students. Mrs. Van Boerum came to talk photography with the kids. Several of the students had critiqued Ansel Adams' work earlier this year. Yesterday, we got to look at the artistry of photography, including one of Adams' pieces and another iconic picture from the Great Depression era. We appreciate our volunteers! Thank you Mrs. Van Boerum!

Fireside Chats

The AIM students have been learning about President FDR's fireside chats during the Great Depression. They have read through the script of one, listened to old recordings, and analyzed the structure of the weekly addresses. They are now writing their own fireside chat, pretending to be the current President and addressing current events, such as pollution, immigration, endangered species, and taxes. We will record the students' addresses to share later.