Christmas Carol Background

Hayden Prosser

What I Have Learned

  • Charles Dickens was an author in the 18th century
  • During the Victorian Age, there was a major development in medicine and Health Care
  • They called it the Victorian Era because it was a long period of peace, prosperity, and refined sensibilities, after the war, which they won.
  • The impact Charles Dickens had on the Victorian Era was huge because he made books so people could enjoy some things they were doing
  • Poverty was high because, when they built new factories and such, they had to pay there workers
  • The Industrial Revolution, left a big impact because it made the economy stronger
  • People used child labor because people were so poor, that they sent their kids to work to get them money
  • The Victorian Era started in 1837
  • Industrialization was a big deal because it made the United States have a higher population and a higher money income
  • Industrialization made the country stronger