Song Dynasty

By Brenna Hipsher

When and How It Started/Fell

• It started in 960 CE when the Tang Dynasty was conquered (from war).

• It ended in 1279 CE when Genghis Khan took over.

First Leader/About Him

• The first leader was Zhao Kuangyin, but was known as Song Taizu or Emperor Taizu.

• He became emperor when he was 32 year of age.

• Before he was an emperor, he was a military general during the Zhou Dynasty.

• He was very good at being a leader, making sure he reacted and solved problems in the right way and had a secure and strong military.

The Way Taizu Ruled

While he was leader, he kept his people in mind and listened to their opinions on decisions, and at the same time he decided what was best for his them as well as his dynasty.


• Dynasty was split into two places: the Southern and Northern part. The Northern was first and it lasted from 960 to 1127. The Southern came right after and lasted from 1127 to 1279.

• The Northern part lasted for about 166 years, and then the Southern part was around 132 years long.

• This period was known for its architecture, its paintings and artwork, and its advances in technology. Poetry and literature were very popular and many new arts were invented.

• The Song Dynasty was probably one of the most well-known dynasties in Chinese history because of it's advances in cultural things, and it was also referred to as the "Chinese Golden Age".


• The Song Dynasty was actually the first dynasty to have paper money, which is why it was so popular, along with because of their advances in things.

• The currency was Jiao Zi, which was the very first paper currency ever.


The former emperor, Yue Fei, was put to death by Taizu because he was jealous of him.


I learned that there are two parts in the Song Dynasty, the Northern part and the Southern part. Also, I learned that the emperor was named Taizu and he cared a lot for his dynasty and the people in it. He was a former military general and became leader when he was 32 years old. I learned that their currency was the first paper money in the world. It was called Jiao Zi. I also learned that there was many cultural and technological advances in this dynasty, and that is probably why it was one of the most popular dynasties, lasting a little over 300 years (3 centuries!).