Enrique's Journey

By Sonia Nazario

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Enrique's Journey is about a Honduran boy whose mother left him at a young age to go to the United States to work. Enrique is then tossed around from family to family dealing with drugs, financial problems, and wondering if he'll ever see his mother again. He then decides to embark on a dangerous journey to find his mother, traveling among train tops, finding money, escaping robberies, and much more. Very few who try to make it to the United States actually do. Will Enrique? It's up to you to read and find out.

About the Author

Sonia Nazario is an author who has been writing about social issues for a very long time. She has won multiple book awards, including the Pulitzer Prize. For Enrique's Journey alone, she has won over a dozen awards. Enrique's Journey became a national best seller.

Nazario grew up in Kansas and Argentina. She began her career at the Wall Street Journal. Nazario writes extensively about Latin Americans and about Latinos in the United States.