ENSC Family Notes

May 5, 2014

Teacher Appreciation Week

I have been in education for 34 years and have had the opportunity to teach and work with excellent teachers. Over the years I have taught beside teachers who get the most out of every student. From the moment students walk through the classroom doors to the the minute they leave, students are intently listening to the lesson or engaged in activities that quite honestly, were not that exciting. However, the teachers had the ability to excite and inspire their students into believing this was the most important concept to know.

For my many years of experience, I have taught and worked in several different school districts. In fact, before I arrived to ENSC, I had been with five different districts in 22 years. When I arrived to East Noble HIgh School, I immediately felt very fortunate to be with this district. Teachers in ENSC arrive to school everyday not to collect a check but rather to inspire, motivate, and serve their students. It is obvious to me that ENSC teachers care about students and want them to be successful in school and in life. The education our teachers deliver is not all about test preparation. It is about helping students discover their potential and using their talents to develop into successful adults.

While this week is designated as Teacher Appreciation Week, there are many ENSC support staff who also contribute to the success of our students. Thank you for your dedication.

Our teachers and staff have choices as to where they want to continue to use and share their talents. I am thankful their choice is ENSC. Thank you for all you do for the students and families of East Noble School Corporation.

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ISTEP Progress

Thank you to those staff members and administrators involved with ISTEP testing. While I was concerned about CTB's ability to "deliver," in the end, all went well. There were just a few issues that we had to deal with. This success is not completely due to the workings of CTB. Rick Williams, Becca Lamon, the Tech Coaches, Joanna Cook, and other tech staff along with help from teachers and administrators are to be commended and thanked for their efforts to ensure ENSC did all they could to minimize all testing issues.

We have two days under our belts and all looks good to finish up with a very good testing environment for our students!

ENMS Update

During Wednesday's Board meeting last week, the Board members discussed the visits to three middle schools along with a comparison of their footprints and building elements. The square footage ranged from 183,000 square feet to 320,000 square feet to serve enrollments between 800 to 1000. Something interesting with these numbers is the smallest building is serving the largest enrollment while the largest building is serving the smallest enrollment! Classroom sizes were between 850 and 1000 square feet, all buildings had a Team Room to be used by a team of teachers for team meetings and storage. All buildings had two to four multipurpose rooms. Two buildings were single story and one building was two story. All buildings had two gymnasiums while one of the buildings had one gymnasium. All three buildings had a football/track. All three of the buildings had a stage in their cafetorium. All three had a wresting room and a fitness room.

Next Steps: The Board will be provided with an estimate of costs based on the elements they (and the teachers) want in the building. Once that is received, the Board will then need to determine any elements that will need to be eliminated (or added) to reach a value that is both accepted by the public and best serves students.

The Board continues to discuss property locations; however, nothing has been decided. Based on current information, this will most likely not be decided until June or July.

If you have any questions, please contact me by phone (347-2502) or email (alinson@eastnoble.net).

District Voicemail

Just a quick reminder. The ENSC voicemail service is not working across the district. You are able to call the school; however, you cannot leave any messages. That also includes leaving message during the evening hours. If you would like leave any messages, you can always email. Each building website has email addresses for all staff.

We apologize for this inconvenience and are in the process of getting the system replaced.

This Week's Super Hero is South Side's Dona Mossburg

South Side nominates Mrs. Dona Mossburg as this week’s super hero! Dona’s absolute love of her content area and her passion to share that love with her students inspires a genuine appreciation of art and artistic process in all who have the opportunity to experience it. Mrs. Mossburg’s vision for her students transcends the classroom and reaches out into our broader community. For many years, Dona has been involved with the FAME art festival and has invited her students to become members of this young artist’s event each year at the Grand Wayne Center. Her students do not just paint or draw or sculpt—they create. They create, and through the creation process, they become what she envisions for them and what they begin to envision for themselves: passionate young artists with the means to express themselves through color, light, texture, and dimension. Our students are truly fortunate to have such a talent in arts education as Mrs. Mossburg. For these reasons, she is among our great super heroes!

Have a great week and I encourage you to attend the school board meetings. You can always call, stop in, or email me with any questions or concerns you have. Your input is important to me!

Ann Linson, Superintendent



Building and Curriculum Notes

Curriculum Notes

ISTEP testing is going well across the district. Taking a few days to let CTB work out the kinks seems to have paid off tremendously for ENSC. With the assistance of the technology department, the technology coaches, and the teachers, ENSC students were ready to begin this annual assessment. Great job everyone!

Now on to something a bit more fun. It’s Time to “Call-a-Pacer”!

Children of all ages and families are invited to “Call-a-Pacer” and hear members of the Indiana Pacers read their favorite stories in children’s literature on The Indianapolis Public Library’s 24-hour Call-a-Story telephone line. By dialing 275-4444, or toll-free at 877-275-9007, callers will hear recorded stories from Pacers players and others in the Pacers organization who demonstrate their love of reading as a way to encourage young ones to develop the habit.

To see the book and player schedule visit : http://www.nba.com/pacers/news/call-pacer-2014

This week you can listen to Luis Scola read "Small Bunny's Blue Blanket".

South Side Elementary

The last week of April was a big one for South Side Elementary School. We started with week off with our McTeacher Night at the Kendallville McDonald’s. South Side’s teachers met and chatted with our students and parents over nuggets and cheeseburgers, and Mrs. Smith cleaned tables to ensure an enjoyable dining experience for all! We earned $220.50 in three hours to benefit the students of South Side through our PTO. Thank you to everyone who attended, families and teachers alike!

The same week, South Side hosted over 50 families at this year’s Kindergarten Round Up! We have great expectations for this incoming Kindergarten class! It was wonderful to meet new families and greet familiar ones as they embark on this journey all over again with their next little Trailblazer.

Our grade level update comes to you digitally this week from the 2nd grade! Click the link below or scan the QR code with your smart phone to see their latest Padlet: The Butterfly Project!

2nd Grade Butterfly Padlet

Wayne Elementary

As part of National Poetry Month, the kindergartners have been working diligently on reading and writing poetry. We have spent time listening to poems written by other kindergartners and famous poets and discussing ideas/topics, beat/rhythm, voice, and organization in those poems. We have also collaborated in whole-class shared poetry writing! Our kindergartners have quite the creativity and love sharing and celebrating the writing of their classmates. They are also very excited to have their poems officially published! Right along with spring, our reading is blooming! We have noticed a significant improvement in reading scores as the kindergartners continue to make leaps and bounds! They are thrilled to move their Finding Nemo and Cars characters on our class data walls as they progress reading levels.

Our students at Wayne Center are getting incredibly close to our goal of reading one million minutes! They have been working hard to read outside of school to contribute to the school-wide total. Within the next couple of weeks, we will be meeting our goal! Our celebration during the last week of school will be one that the students will look forward to!

Alternative Learning Center

The popularity of the ALC continues as we move closer to the end of the year. This week we will be welcoming new students from the Elementary, Middle and High School levels. It has been a busy week for all, as our elementary and middle school students have been involved in ISTEP and our high school students have been working feverishly toward graduation. Our high school students continue to accumulate credits at an amazing rate as 16 more credits were earned this past week. Keep up the great work!

Another milestone passed this week, as the Boomerang Backpacks were packed for the last time this year. Thanks to John Arnold, Mark Cockroft, Theresa Campbell and the FLS class from ENHS for all their work with the Boomerang Backpack program. A big thanks also goes out to the ALC’s own Ms. Clancy, for her diligent work each week to ensure that the Backpacks are ready to be packed on Thursday.

Avilla Elementary

A very busy week at Avilla this past week. The PTO Spring Carnival was held last Friday, Panther University was held on Tuesday, and ISTEP began on Thursday! Please take a look at some of the cool things that are taking place in the classrooms!


East Noble High School

Early College High Schools blend high school and college in a rigorous yet supportive program, compressing the time it takes to complete post-secondary degrees. Academic rigor prepares students for the demands of college. The time and money saved for students serves as great motivators for families. Most Early College schools have four lanes designed to point students in the right direction. They are Liberal Arts, Business Management, Informational Technology, and Health Careers.

When you look at the support we provide our students at ENHS, it’s easy to see why we would be interested in becoming an Early College High School. However, ENHS would like to take a broader approach. We feel that ALL students can benefit when they make plans for after high school. Some students will enter the job market straight from high school, while others will spend time studying, learning, or training. When you look at the expectations of the job market, employees who become lifelong learners are in high demand. Although Early College programs are focused on preparing At-Risk students for the academic rigors of college, we feel that all students can benefit from looking beyond the walls of high school. With our great relationship with Impact Institute, programs that help kids enter the manufacturing field, internship opportunities, and of course our dual credit and AP offerings, we feel that we can become an Early College Model School. Our building wide approach and our dedication to serve all students regardless of their post-secondary goals will help students and families for years to come. We look forward to exploring this concept over the next few months.

East Noble Middle School

Administrators made the decision to delay the start of the second round of ISTEP+ testing in hopes to avoid any computer issues experienced by other school districts. At the middle school, testing started on Thursday with two math tests and everything seemed to go very well. On Friday, students completed the first of two English/Language Arts tests. There were very few issues and students seemed anxious to begin. Thanks to the students and staff for all your hard work!

Cheerleading tryouts were held last week at ENMS. Over 60 girls vied for 16 positions to represent our school. Congratulations to the following new cheerleaders:

ENMS Soccer – Coach Freels is seeing tremendous growth both in individual play and team play and is looking forward to a successful second half of the season.

ENMS Track Team traveled to Angola Middle School this week to take on the Hornets. The team split a victory, with the boys claiming victory and the girls falling despite several outstanding individual performances.

.The Dance Team’s season is over but they are preparing to sponsor a Talent Show at the middle school on May 23rd. Acts are open to singers, dancers, actors, musicians, comedians, musicians, and various other talents.In other news, student council raised $500 through the Hoops for Heart fundraiser which benefits the American Heart Association. Currently, 8th graders are running for the ENHS Student Council.

North Side Elementary

Fifth graders at North Side have worked diligently all year for the chance to show what they can do on ISTEP, but sometimes the stress builds up even for those who are prepared. Therefore, the teachers, students, and principal decided to let their worries and stress go with a fun balloon activity. The students listed their worries about testing and then blew up a balloon to represent the stress they are feeling. While some students’ balloons popped, others let their worries go with the balloon into the air. There was laughter and smiles all around. Students ended the day feeling confident and worry free.


Rome City Elementary

Rome City 5th Graders were invited to a Band Night this past Wednesday. The kids and parents learned about band, what instruments to try and were treated to some pizza and pop! We had a wonderful turnout and hope to have more students sign up to be in next year's 6th grade band at Rome City! Sign-ups for fittings are in the front office.

First grade is learning about fractions. They were given squares of paper and asked to make a fraction flower. As a group we worked at discovering how to make the pieces into fractions and that each piece should be equal. Click here to see their work: Fraction Flowers

Mrs. Linson came by for a surprise visit to the first graders this week! They have been working on published pieces for why they should go to the zoo. Originally, we thought that we wouldn’t be able to take them to the zoo. What a teachable moment, a great time to write a convincing letter! Students became very motivated to state their case to Mrs. Linson, once they were told that a zoo trip may not happen this year. Students published their work on PicCollage, then into Shadow Puppet and recorded themselves reading their convincing letter. They had to include their opinions, reasons and examples. IT WORKED! They did such a fantastic job in their work that it was sent to Mrs. Linson. She was so impressed that she came to Rome City to tell the students thank you and to talk with them about their upcoming zoo trip! This made the students convincing letter writing a reality and it was very fun to watch the effort and enthusiasm the students demonstrated!