5th Grade Update!

An inside look into what we're working on in 5th grade!

Writing Workshop

We finished writing our argumentative essays. As a culminating activity, students reflected on the argumentative writing unit by completing a self-assessment form. We also celebrated our learning throughout the unit by sharing our essays as a class.

During the past week, we began our next unit of study focused on informative/explanatory writing. Within this unit, students will be learning how to conduct research, find credible sources, and write compelling research essays. Ask your child to explain our "Women of Influence" project!

Besides the work of crafting strong writing, your child will also continue to learn important information about the mechanics of writing. We’ll continue our work on paragraphing, punctuation, power vocabulary, and as always, spelling.

Reading Workshop

We discussed how authors use different text structures to write informational texts. We also discussed how readers use text structure to help understand what they are reading. We read a variety of nonfiction articles and analyzed their text structure. We discussed how nonfiction texts are organized by the following structures: compare/contrast, problem/solution, cause/effect, and chronological order. Finally, students read two nonfiction articles and wrote a short essay that required them to analyze the text structure of both articles.

In celebration of Read Across America, we counted the number of books we have read (in both 5R and 5M) so far this school year. As a 5th grade community, we have read 574 books this year! As you can see, we are extremely passionate about reading in 5th grade!

Book Clubs

This week, we started our book clubs during our reading class. In addition to learning how reader's compare characters, settings and events, we will be discussing how characters evolve over time throughout stories. We will also practice our literacy strategies together.

Today, we discussed how readers "REV UP" their minds when reading historical fiction. We discussed how reader's notice the setting, look for signs of "trouble brewing" in the plot, and pay close attention to the characters and the problems or pressures they are facing.

Students met with their book club members and practiced "noticing" together. Check out the pictures below!

Social Studies

As you know, we have been learning about Colonial America. We began our discussion about the Middle Colonial region during this past week. Students worked collaboratively to outline the map of the middle colonies. Moreover, we practiced our close reading strategies while reading a short informational article focused on life in the middle colonies.


I thank you for continued support and cooperation. As always, please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

~Mr. Rosenheim