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The scattered murder in Greenwich Village.

Greenwich Village, New York 1954.

There has been a murder is Greenwich Village!! Lars Thorwald, killed his wife, and sawed her body, scattering her across the East River. Could you have seen this coming?

I spoke to one of the residents at Greenwich apartments about the incident, a very dear friend of mine, L.B Jeffries. Both Jeffries and his Fiancee, Lisa Carol Fremont, solved this case little by little.

Well in the case of Jeffrie, he was almost as if forced to do this. Stalk people I mean, watch each and everyone of their actions with suspicion. When a woman leaves her basic and most important materials at home isn't that a bit off? A woman's intuition, can it be counted on? Thorwald, was a bit weird in the past few days, I noticed a bit of it, however, with the information that was gathered made much more sense.

Thorwald's Mistakes

Windows that see at all time.

Thorwald had many mistakes in this murder. I will list them out so my readers can see :

1. Arguing with his wife before her murder.

2.Leaving the windows open throughout this whole process.

3.Closing the windows after she had gone missing, or just leaving everything so dark.

4.Leaving at night more than 3 times with a suitcase.

5.Having his wife send him a letter that she had arrived safely at her destination?

6.KEEPING HER BELONGING. a woman NEVER leaves those behind.

7. Having something buried in his backyard.

8. Keeping his wife's wedding ring.

Lesly Garcia