Stahl Library

January 2015

The Bluebonnet Voting

Voting for the Texas Bluebonnet Award will start on Monday, January 26th and end on Friday, January 30th. Students eligible to vote will vote during their class library time.

The Bluebonnet Party will be on Friday, January 30th @1:45-2:15!!

Upcoming Magazine Sales

The Stahl Library will be having a magazine fundraiser January 27th-30th. The money raised during the magazine sales will help the library buy new furniture. The pictures below show the furniture we would love to purchase for the library. Magazine sales can help to make these purchases possible. Thank you for supporting the Stahl Library!

Nexus Tablets are here!!

We have had seven students check out our nine Nexus tablets with a growing waiting list. The library staff will continue to train third, fourth and fifth grade students on using the device. We have shown the Nexus tablets to most of the fifth grade and some of the fourth grade. We hope that using the Nexus tablets will encourage more reading at Stahl.

Circulation Stats for December

Kinder 230
First 299
Second 587
Third 585
Fourth 615
Fifth 602
Staff 102
Total 3020