What Gender is Alcohol?

Mixed Methods study of Gender and Alcohol

Alcohol as a "Male" or "Female"?

Regardless of gender, alcohol has become excessively popular among university and college students. From drinking games to celebrations, alcohol seems to be the element that kicks the social tone up a notch, however, when is the fun "masculine" or "feminine" specific?

Gender Double-standards of Drinking, Exposed!

Some students in college or universities drink alcohol for different reasons. While some are social drinkers, other students may drink to excess. Alcohol has a tendency to be viewed negatively, now, alcohol is commonly evaluated via gender double-standards. In the study "That's OK. He's a guy": A mixed-methods study of gender double-standards for alcohol abuse, alcoholic use is analyzed with regard to gender stereotypes and double-standards. Questionnaires that were admitted gauged the masculinity and femininity of drinking alcohol, described their practices of consumption and their perceived importance of gender identity to alcohol.

Young students (aged 18-25) explained their concerns with gender double-standards related to alcohol were commonly related to amount consumed and the type of alcohol consumed. It was expressed although double-standards should not important to those who drink, it is common for masculinity and femininity to to come across when drinking. Throughout the study, males and females expressed their opinion about the type of drink, where beer was considered masculine and a drink that was perhaps more sweet, colorful and fruity would be characterized as feminine. Females drinking beer received similar amounts of bias as males drinking sweet, colorful, fruity drinks, as the type of drink induced the double-standard. There was a heavy emphasis upon the different perceptions of males and females that were "drunk", where drunk males induced a comical response by their peers and drunk females were thought of as sad. These stereotypes by the study continue to exist today, as alcohol still has not become equally accepted among the sexes.

Occasionally, I enjoy an alcoholic beverage and often times it is beer. Although this is known to be more of a masculine drink, with respect to alcohol, I have never felt less feminine. Additionally, I have never received any type of bias or have been confronted with a gender double-standard as a result of choosing this type of drink. Perhaps the gender double-standard is lessened depending upon the assertiveness of the person as well as other confident characteristics which would hinder such bias from occurring. Overall, it is interesting to see that although many students agree gender perceptions of alcohol should not occur, alcoholic drinks still induce double-standards from many people today.