World Religions: Sikhism

By: Drew Buerger, Finn Skuldt, and Kenny Sajabel

What is the most important belief in Sikhism?

That Sikhs should worship the one supreme reality, Ik Onkar.
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This is the symbol of Ik Onkar

Why do they believe that there is only one god?

Ik Onkar told Guru Nanak all of the truth about the ten important rules and everything else. He spread the word and many people wrote it down. It is considered religious text.

What makes the believers or followers of Sikhism want to follow its teachings or the teachings of its prophets?

Guru Nanak started teaching a new, distinct faith from Hinduism and Islam around 1500 CE in the Punjab area of South Asia. Ever since then, the Gurus have been preaching to those who would listen, and the ones that believed would join.

How do Sikhism extremists justify their actions against non-believers?

. The Sikh extremists attacked a man named Lt. Gen Brar because while he was leading a military operation against armed separatists in the Golden Temple of Amritsar 29 years ago. He killed about 500 people, including multiple children. The Sikh separatists say they justified their actions and it was okay to go to jail because they were revenging the lives of innocent people.

A Current event

On August 1, 2013, 5 Sikh extremists attacked Lt. Gen Brar while he and his wife were shopping. He narrowly escaped death, receiving knife wounds to the face and throat.They thought it was okay because when he was a leader in the army, he attacked the Golden Temple of Amritsar 29 years ago. It was being controlled by armed separatists, but in the attack, he killed many innocent civilians.

An important Sikh piece

The Nishan Sahib is the Sikh flag. It is important because it shows the military emblem of the Sikhs, the Khanda. The Khanda consists of three different symbols. A double-edged Khanda (sword), a chakkar (a throwing weapon), and two Kirpan, or swords, crossed at the bottom and sit on either side of the chakkar and khanda. they represent the chareristics of Miri-Piri


O man, meditate thou on thy Beloved Lord Master

Remembering the Lords Name, thou shalt remain alive,
and Great Death shall not again devour thee.
Thou hast come after wandering millions of lives;
due to great destiny thou obtained the saints' guild.
Without the Perfect Guru, there is no salvation.
Nanak sayeth this after due deliberation

By, Guru Arjan Dev Ji

This poem explains Sikhism by showing the devotion that the followers have to their god and gurus. It also shows their belief in reincarnation and destiny. The author of this poem was a true and holy Sikh.

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