The Izvorul Bigăr Waterfall

Straight out of a Fairytale!

Come Visit the Izvorul Bigăr Waterfall

Welcome to the Izvorul Bigăr Waterfall, also known as the Weeping Waterfall! Here you will be amazed at the fairytale like beauty of this magical looking waterfall. The Izvorul Bigăr Waterfall was voted the most unique waterfall in the word, and is one of Romania's most famous tourist attractions!

Where is this Magical Waterfall?

The Izvorul Bigăr Waterfall is located in Bozovici, in Caraş-Severin County, in southwestern Romania.

How was this incredible landform created?

The Izvorul Bigar Waterfall was formed by rainfall sculpting out the landform and also by falling boulders and rocks from the Anina Mountains. These are the mountains that are just North of Bigar.

Are there any human activities or natural processes impacting this landform?

It was created a very long time ago and only founded approximately 20 years ago. It is a protected area so it hasn’t been changed or touched in many years. The rock that the waterfall flows overtop of has started to erode over the years because of all the water rushing over it.

Extra Information about the waterfall.

  • It is a tourist attraction, but like I said it is a protected area, so no humans can take advantage or disrupt it in any way.

  • The waterfall sits on a very large rock covered in a green carpet of moss. It is almost 8 meters high and 176.60 hectares (436.4 acres).

Fun Facts!!!

  • It was voted the most unique waterfall in the world.

  • One interesting thing about this landform is that it is at the halfway point between the North Pole and the Equator.

  • No one is 100% sure about where the water in the waterfall is coming from and why the water falls the way it does. There is no pond or river above the waterfall.

  • Although no one knows for sure where the water is coming from the river underneath the waterfall is called the Anina River and the water from that river is said to be coming from up in the mountains.

Come visit The Izvorul Bigăr Waterfall!