Donnatello The Great Artist

By: Thomas burchell

Donatellos Background

Donatello began his training with another artist named Lorenzo Ghiberti. Donatello started his career with relief paintings for guilds. His family life is mostly unknown but Donatello had an older sister and his mother was around 40 when she gave birth to him.


Donatellos work was noted for its versatility in conveying human drama. Donatello's work demonstrated his understanding of Roman portrait sculpture as well as the heroic nude. One of his most successful sculptures was the statue of David. It was made of bronze and put on display on a pedestal at Piero de' Medici's son's wedding in 1469.

Impact on today

Donatellos impact on today: Donatellos art has inspired many other great artists today. Some say that back then his sculptures style was ahead of his time. His Statue of David is still admired today Accademia Gallery in Florence Italy.

quick Facts

1.Son of a wood carver.

2. trained to be a goldsmith.

3.death date: December 13, 1466 in Florence, Italy

4. was friends with a humanist Leon Battista Alberti.

5.Donatello traveled to Rome with Filippo Brunelleschi (architect)

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