19th Century Reformers


Thomas Hopkins Gallaudet

  • Wanted to help deaf people
  • Established an American school for the deaf in 1817 with Laurent Clerc
  • He taught Clerc English and Clerc taught him sign language

William Lloyd Garrison

  • Joined the Abolition movement at 25 years old
  • Worked for the Newburyport Herald as a writer and editor

Dr. Sylvester Graham

  • Remembered for the "Graham Crackers"
  • 17th son of a minister

Dorothea Dix

  • Social reformer for the treatment or the mentally ill
  • Had half of the U.S. inspecting institutions for mistreatment

Horace Mann

  • Chose law as his career
  • U.S. Educator

Neal Dow

  • Grew up in a Quaker household
  • Zealous crusader for the cause of temperance and prohibition

Ralph Waldo Emerson

  • Center of American transcendental movement
  • Published a little book called "Nature" in 1836