Howl at The Trail

Weekly Update May 16, 2016

Weekly Reminders


7th grade SC PASS Social Studies Testing

6:00 PM - Rising 6th grade Parent Curriculum Night


6:00 AM - 8th grade leaves for Washington D.C.

7th Grade SC PASS Science Testing

3:30 Faculty Meeting - End of year procedures

6:00 PM School Board work session


5:15 AM -7th grade leaves for Charleston

6th grade SC PASS Social Studies testing


6th grade SC PASS Science testing


SC PASS Making Up testing

6th grade kickball tournament on baseball and football fields

8th grade teacher need to have 4th quarter grades in for Tanya by 2:00

Faculty Focus

Peggy did it again. Thanks for an awesome spring staff party. your effort is much appreciated.

Thank you Mr. Brooks. Your diligence and a keen eye helped keep our school safe on Friday.

Officer Hill, thanks for staying late on Friday to help us resolve our issue - and you made it to the party on time :)

Congrats to Rachel and Cori for completing their Masters program.

Thanks April for your extra help at dismissal on Friday.

Hiring teachers is the most important aspect of my position. I appreciate all of the teachers who made sub plans, arrived early and stayed late to help ensure that we continue to have the greatest teachers around.

Thanks to Elaine and Jefflyn for your help with the interview process and all of the behind the scenes work you did last week.

I don't know how many times the gym was setup and torn down last week, but none of it would have happened if it were not for Corbin and Travis. Thanks a ton!

6th grade teachers, related arts, and Ronika. Thank you for the awesome job during rising 6th grade visit. I think our 6th grade student leaders did a great job. I heard back from several elementary teachers that their 5th graders were excited about coming to Banks Trail.

Birthdays This Week!

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This Week's Birthdays

May 20 - Harry Goodwin

Nuts and Bolts

Thank You!

Teachers, the hallways were much better last week. Thank you for keeping students n your classes and continuing to keep them engaged.

End of Year Procedure

After talking with several of you, it seems we have had closing procedures a little different every year. So, we will probably be a little different this year as well. On Tuesday, we will go over the closing procedures for this year. One thing I believe in is that you are all professionals. The expectation is that you will turn in all required items when they are due, there will be no need to have each item initialed by people. You will simply sign the end of year sheet and turn it in before you leave on May 26th. I do promise to try and make the process as streamline as possible.

Lunchroom/Black Top Supervision

Please continue to take radios with you to lunch and black top. Marc, Sommer and I will do our best to be at lunch, but sometimes we are pulled at the last minute to cover another situation.

Placement of students for 2016-17

We are starting to prepare for 2016-17 student placement. I believe that if this is done right, it will help ensure that everyone has classes that really promote learning. I have been working with technology to develop a google doc that will help us gain valuable information about each of our students. As soon as the Student Information Sheet is ready, I will meet with each grade level to let you know how it works. It should not take very long to complete the sheet as most information is pre-entered.

This Week's Quote

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I know that no of you have heard this lately!

Timberwolves demonstrate:

  • Teamwork
  • Responsibility
  • Ambition
  • Integrity
  • Leadership