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October 3 - October 7

Have you heard?

We have been using Class Dojo as a class and table reward system. Students may ask you to sign them up for this program in order for them to check their points. If they do please do not see this as a behavior system or system of communication to the parents about behavior. I simply hit my random button and when a student comes up they either are on task or off... if they are off task (i.e. chatting with a friend) or not following directions it is not for the entire day. If something is pressing, I will contact you. Another way I use it is to ensure our room stays neat and tidy. If they leave their things out at the end of the day or don't plug in their device, they get points subtracted. So far we have an excellent class but please know I will contact you if your student is disrupting his learning or someone else's learning! Once students get 40 points they are able to choose a prize.

Wednesday is National Walk to School Day - many teachers will be waiting at the UH Hospital at the corner of Mentor Ave. and Hopkins Rd. starting at 8:00am (departing for school at 8:25am). We are encouraging as many students as possible to participate in this walk. There will be NO morning spark that day for those students that signed up for that program.

We have a busy week coming up!

Have a great week!

Mrs. Waggoner

Learning Targets

Math - Chapter 2 is underway and we will continue working with large number multiplication and division as well as Order of Operations. Exponents were introduced last week. Students are struggling with their facts. Please practice this at home along with the 60 of Moby Max. It is so important to practice!! We will have a chapter 2 test on Friday (tentatively). See the School to Home Connection below for ways to help your child. Some children have no understanding of double digit by double digit multiplication.

English Language Arts (ELA) - Students are working on getting the hang of "Workshop." They are deep into their novels at this time and word study.

Writing - We started and will continue writing in the narrative genre. We have made many entries for our writer's notebook and will be pulling out a story to publish very soon. I added the Spelling City link to the "helpful links" below so students may study their word lists throughout the week.

Social Studies / Science - Students will continue to study geography and will begin landforms in social studies. Our ecosystem unit is underway. We've talk about food chains and food webs and the way energy transfers throughout an ecosystem. Students discussed biotic and abiotic factors in an ecosystem.

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If you'd like to see pictures I take throughout the week in our classroom, please let me know. I've sent out a message with a unique link to all of my parents, but in case you didn't receive that message, I'd love to share it with you. "Homeroom" is a way for me to share pictures in a private album for only us to see! I personally monitor all members of the album, so it's much easier for me to post more pictures. I will post a picture to Twitter at times, and will never use student names; however, I wanted to find a way for parents of students in my class to get a glimpse into what we're learning. The "Homeroom" app seems to be the perfect fit! Let me know if you need the link again.

Upcoming Events

October 3 - Ambassador Meeting

October 5 - Walk to School Day!

October 12 - Conference Night #1

October 14 - NEOEA Day NO SCHOOL

October 17 (week of) - Book Fair

October 20 - Conference Night #2

Meet Mrs. Waggoner

Hello! I am a 5th grade teacher at Hopkins Elementary. I enjoy spending time with my little family in Hiram, Ohio. I have been at Hopkins for several years now between 4th and 5th grade. We are going to have a great year!
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