Jimmy Carter

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Background Information

  • Name: James Earl Carter Jr.
  • Political Party: Democrat
  • Presidential Number: 39th
  • Years of Presidency: 1977-1981
  • Vice President: Walter Mondale

Background information


  • Received the 2002 Nobel Peace Prize.
  • He was a peanut farmer.
  • Has a wife, Rosalynn, 3 sons and one daughter.
  • Set up the Carter Center in 1982 to advance human rights.
  • Won a Grammy Award for one of his audiobooks
  • In 1998 the U.S. Navy named the last Seawolf- class submarine after Carter.
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  • He served at the 76th Governor of Georgia, 1971-1975.
  • Member of the Senate in Georgia, 1963-1967.
  • Seven years as a naval officer.
  • First cousin was Hugh Carter, a politician, and his cousin was June Carter-Cash


  • He was viewed as a better man than a president
  • His presidency was initially viewed as a failure
  • One of the most successful ex-presidents because of his peacekeeping and humanitarian efforts.
  • He seemed to be uninterested in working with other groups, even working with Congress was a struggle with Carter.
  • Aspired to make the government "competent and compassionate"
  • Emphasized ecology, efficiency, and removal of racial barriers.
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