Bengal Tiger

By: Luis Ramirez

Bengal Tiger endangered

The Bengal tiger is becoming extinct.The estimated population was 2,500 with a decreasing trend. In 2010 they were classified as endanger by (IUCN)

scientific name

Panthera tigris tigris

physical appearance

Male Bengal tigers reach an average weight of 221 kilograms (just under 490 pounds).Females usually weight 140 kilograms that is equivalent to 308 pounds.

Males will reach about 2.7 to 3.1 meters in length that's about 115 inches.Females grow aproximately 2.4 to 2.6 meters that's like 102 inches including their tail, which is around one metre long.

Behavior and habitat

Bengal tigers can be found in the deciduous forest (both hot and dry) of India hot and humid forest. They can be found in the sal forest grassland's of the Himalayas. Bengal tigers also perfer areas in which they are better concealed and camuflaged

Why the animal is endangered

Bengal tigers are endanger mainly because of habitat loss due to a human development and climate change. When they loss their habitat they also loss chances to get their prey. Poaching is also a danger for the Bengal tigers and their prey animals.

What are needs to be done to save Bengal tigers

Well we can save the Bengal tigers by spreading the word and telling people that these tiger specie are endanger of dying out. We can actually make something to save the big cats like by stop getting in their habitat's and making them leave from it. This also means that they would be able to get their food and they wont go extinct.