Mrs. Baker's Class Newsletter-

March 21st, 2014

What is going on?

Math: We will continue our integration of math into our PBL unit this week. Students are choosing items they would like to purchase for the playground and figuring the actual cost of the items. Some groups may be doing comparison shopping to find the best deal on equipment. Multiple step addition and subtraction problems will be layered into the week as well.

Reading/Writing: Students have been responding to our 2nd grade read aloud, Out of My Mind, this week. Their responses include writing about character traits, facts and details, and making connections. We will also revisit letter writing, which will include “Thank You” notes and some persuasive writing.

Kids will also be typing a persuasive to place on their display board.

Social Studies: Our learning will be incorporated through our PBL unit of study for the remainder of the project. Students will explain how work provides goods and services. Students will explain how they can earn, spend and save money to plan for the playground. Students will find that realistically some of the equipment they have selected for their station is more than we could afford. This week students will be working on their design boards to prepare for completion.

Students will also be preparing a user friendly display board to present their research to the Second Grade Student body next week. We will be working on persuading an audience, and public speaking skills early next week. I would appreciate having them practice at home too.

We will be working very closely and productively in a team setting. Students are expected to follow agreed upon rules among the group. We will be working on listening to others and making appropriate contributions to the team project.

Field Trip Information

As of now I have 7 volunteers for the upcoming field trip! Yeah! Please make sure you are on the approved list. I will be sending out a separate e-mail with more detailed information within the next few days

Thank you for getting the money turned in and the forms completed. You all are the BEST!! I have three more I am waiting on.


Thank you for logging in and working on XtraMath! Kudos to the students who've practiced at least 3 times this week.

On the calendar....

Thursday, March 27: Report cards go home for the 3rd nine weeks

Tuesday, April 1 and Wednesday, April 2 - STAAR Testing, school closed to visitors

Thursday, April 3 - Field Trip to Austin Zoo


Please check out eBackpack for electronic copies of flyers and handouts from the school and PTA!

PBL- Short-

Thursday and Friday the teams will present their products and board to their second grade peers. The student body will vote on the top presentations and products for each area.

The top 7 teams will then present their playground equipment display to the PTA Board, Admin, Teachers, and possibly School Board Members at a later date.

I would love for all of my teams to go onto the next level! That would be AWESOME!!

Keep up the good work! Thanks for reading!