What you would see at are baths

At are bath you would first walk in to a beautiful entrance hall were towels are giving to you to refresh your self from outside

Step 2

As you walk you will see the custom built apodyterium, we have warm beaches and locks on are lockers, we also have a very nice gold angle and white angle painted on the ceiling, this room also comes with slaves that will watch your things while you are gone.


As you keep on walking you will walk into this very hot room called the tepidarium were you will be prepped for your hot bath, also make sure you were sanders because it is so hot that floors of the tepidarium can burn your feet, but one thing that you will love about this room is the beaches and how much space you have to talk and be with friends.

Step 4

Now after you leave the tepidarium it time for the nice marble trims around the nicely painted red walls in the caladium, were you have slaves giving out snakes like grapes , breads, and cheese, also drinks like water and wine, we also a have a special ock tree that was drawn in the base of the bath. If you look around you can see marbel beaches also.

Step 5

It good to have choose this is optional, after a warm bath some people would like a frigidarium, because they want to feel cool and refreshed going home, but are frigidarium has ice in it to give you that colder bath you crave, but be care full to not make it to cold would not want you getting sick. But are frigidarium can hold at less 30 people we have marble rings around the bath and warm water if needed.