Computer Science

Coders Unite!

The major of Computer Science entails much learning. Students must be computer literate and will learn how to interact with data and systems. Students will learn how to program as well, one of the most fundamentally important parts of CS.

What can I Expect?

Computer Science students:

  • work with various companies to build software
  • create new software for business/recreation

Students usually need at least a Master's Degree to find a good position.

Students may intern (and possibly later find a job with):

  • video game studios
  • big computer companies (Apple, Microsoft)
  • research firms (scientific or otherwise)

Computer Science can usually be abbreviated "CS".

What is Needed?

Computer Literacy

Those who take majors in CS must be already computer literate (that is, being able to understand how a computer works. Students must be able to use any manner of word processor, image manipulation program, spreadsheet, etc. An understanding of operating systems such as Windows and Macintosh is absolutely necessary. Knowledge of light debugging and problem solving pertaining to computers is also necessary. Students should have basic skills in electronics, typing (speed is usually necessary) and must have somewhat good hand-eye coordination. An understanding of the components that encompass a personal computer, how computers in general operate, how the World Wide Web works is not always necessary and will most likely be learned over course work but is still important knowledge to have.


Potential candidates for CS majors must have at least a rudimentary understanding of coding. They must be able to comprehend the concepts of programming and how code interacts with the software. They must also have a basic understanding of the usage and syntax of various languages. These languages include, but are not limited to Python, Java, JS, C and C++. Those persuing a career in a specialized field such as Web Design must also know HTML and XML and must also have an understanding of how the Internet and the World Wide Web work. Students must understand how a compiler program works and must know some of the history of programming. They must also understand how programming has evolved.

Computer Hardware and Electronics

An understanding of the fundamentals of computing and how a computer is built is required for a major in CS. Potential students must be able to identify and describe RAM (Random Access Memory), the CPU (Central Processing Unit), and the GPU (Graphical Processing Unit) of a personal computer. As well, they must know the other electronic pieces that hold the hardware together, such as the motherboard. Students must be able to tell how digital storage works, such as in an HDD (Hard Disk Drive), an SSD (Solid State Drive), flash drives, etc.