The Great Barrier Reef

Fragile ecosystems by Zayla Burgan


The Great Barrier Reef is the greatest treasure known to man kind, it is like a underwater wonderland with all its bright colourful coral wich is over 500,000 years old .It is located off the coast of Queensland Australia and is also the most diverse ecosystem in the world! and is a great tourist attraction. ( for Australia ).


In this complex ecosystem we have the thing that drives fish in ,thats right the flora.Flora means plant life and in this area the flora is a bit different to upon dry land with trees and flower instead it has coral,seaweedand sponges.


Like all animals they have to adapt to their enviroment in this case gills. Gills are slots on each side of the creatures body that lives in water weather salt or fresh like reef sharks which are only the only sharks that can live in The Great Barrier Reef . They adapted by growing gills as did all the 5-8000 species of mollusks and the 4000 breeds of clams .The Great Barrier Reef is one of the most amazing places anyone will ever get to see with all magnificant creatures infact there is 17 colourful species of sea snakes, there slippery scales glisten in the sunlights reflection, reflecting off its beautiful disco light making the waters look intreeging to go see. Now what have we left out ? The fish ,well there are over 1500 different species of of fish thats right 1500 species ,way less than you thought but thats because each species of fish has there own species .The animals probably bring the most colours to this under-water wonderland which is so special.

Threats and Dangers

In every ecosystem there is a threat , a danger, a problem like in the Rainforest there threat is logging though in my opinion i believe that the Great Barrier Reef's issue is the worst because it isn't just our polution or spills it is natural threats as well.The Great Barrier Reef's natural threat is the king of thorns a type of starfish which is non stop it is like the boogy man that eats children though instead a boogy man to coral which feeds on all types of coral


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