Life Skills

A class I had to pass for graduation.

Parts of cheaks

1.Name and address- helps to identify account

2.Check number- check is assigned a number in number order

3.Bank name- name of bank that the cheek writer belongs to

4.Routing number- 9 digit number assigned to your back or to identify your bank

5.Bank number- assigned to you by your bank

6.Date- day you signed the check

7.Payee- the thing that receives the check

8.Written amount- value of the check written in numbers

9.Legal amount- value of your check written in words

10.For– reminder of why you wrote the check

11.Signature- check not valid till signed

How to pay your monthly expencies

First you have to deposit money into you bank account.

Once in your bank account you can write checks to pay your bills.

Things you need to do on a job application.

  1. Use need hand writing
  2. Answer with yes or no
  3. fill out all parts that apply to you


Knowing how to pay my expenses will help me when I get older.

If I dint learn this I wouldn't know how to pay my bills.


I would have like to learn how to fill and just do them in general. This applies to what we are learning because it has to do with our future and money.