Getting Involved

Finding Your Place With The Refuge

Working At The Refuge

Folks desiring to work at The Refuge can go through the following steps:

  1. Obtain Pa Child Abuse Clearance and State Police Crime Check Clearance (We Need Originals. Cannot be older than 36 months.)
  2. Take Mandated Reporter Training Online (Print Certificate)
  3. Come Observe on a Tuesday
  4. Meet With Refuge Leadership
  5. Read and Sign Youth Center Covenant
  6. Read and Sign Statement of Faith
  7. Pray
  8. Meet With Leadership To Get Plugged In

Working With The Refuge

God has been awesome at supplying all our needs. That always seems to come through individuals who are led to donate items and services at just the right time. If you believe you have something we could use, drop us a note:

We are nearly done with the 2nd and 3rd floors... Contact us for little projects that need done.

We are also currently accepting food donations for our meal program.