My trip to NEW YORK

My first day there

On my first day in NY the very first thing that I want to see is the Statue of Liberty.I want to go there because I would like to see the inside of the statue and the top of top see the view.When you go their the statue is 305 feet in the air.And it holds a tablet and a torch and where's a crown.And it we're like a old kind of clothing.

The plaza hotel.

Now I have to check in to what I think is the best hotel there is to New York and that is the plaza hotel. It is a luxury twenty story hotel and there has been several movies played there like home alone 2, Eloise, the great gatspy, the plaza suits,.And still the most historic hotel to know.And it is across from Central Park.And a lot of rich and very weird people go their with a bunch of actors.

Tummy ache

I caint bleve I am sick I need to call my mom to see what I can do. I caint realy do anything about it but I have to go with it. I need meds. There is so many things I can do right now but I am stuck in here doing nothing about it. But all I can do is wait.


Great now I am in New York and I feel like trash.I can't go now I will go later. But what can I do just sit here and wait or go take a walk. I got an idea how about I go to Central Park it's really close to the hotel and one of the things I want to do.Central park is right in the middle of New York.And it's perfect to spend the day in the sun.And it has a golf corse and a giant lake in the middle.


I got here at the right time and there selebrating New Year's Eve were every one has a great time in ny.They usually gather in time square to see the ball drop. They listen to people sing and they dance and when the Ball drops every body shouts Happy New Year and they continue to stay and theres fire works. They celebrate for a new year and kids get out of school cause it's during the winter vacation.

Dino fosils

I found these Dino bones. I'm probably going to sell them and give the money to my parents. But most importantly were am I going to sell this I have no idea. Should I just give it to the Museum of Natural History. This museum is one of the greatest of all I've had seen and it was in a movie called Night of the museum. And come to think of it there were a ton of movies in New York.

Home sweet home

That was a fun trip but it's time to go but I so wish I can come back. It was awesome at New Years.