Child and Youth services

Minister, Tracy MacCharles

The minister's responsibilities!

  • making sure every child in Ontario has the best start in life
  • every child and young person has the right supports and opportunities needed to make positive choices while moving towards adult hood
  • transforming the child welfare system
  • providing opportunities for at-risk youth
  • building strong relationships with our aboriginal partners
  • promoting mental heath and well being of children and youth
  • supporting children and youth with complex and special needs
  • building on youths talent and skills
  • reducing poverty

The ministry's responsibilities!

  • Adoption
  • Special needs
  • Children's aid
  • Early childhood
  • Financial help
  • Youth and the law
  • Youth opportunities
  • Aboriginal children and youth
  • Student nutrition

*******The above ministries work with the Ministry of Children and Youth!*******

How This Ministry Helps Ontario

This ministry helps Ontario by making sure children and youth have the opportunities and resources they need to keep them safe. It also helps by giving them the opportunities such as cooking etc., to help them when they become adults. Giving them opportunities as children helps them with their health by letting them participate in sports and activities such as arts like singing, dancing, painting, and acting.

Student nutrition program helps learning!

In 2013/2014, the ministry funded student nutrition programs in Ontario. They helped provide nutritious school meals and snacks to over 756,800 kids in Ontario. Proper nutrition helps kids with their learning and getting the most from their school day. The program also provides kids with healthy and different foods to try. It also teaches children to make healthy food choices.
Hon. Tracy MacCharles, Minister of Children & Youth Services, Ontario