By Frank Herbert

Paul Atreides

Son of Duke Leto Atreides and Lady Jessica, he is trained from childhood to have great control over his body, resulting in him having heightened senses, control over his metabolism, and a superior knowledge of martial arts. To the Fremen he is the Great Prophet Mahdi. He eventually becomes emperor through heroic means. He is the generic hero of the '60s, as Herbert says. He has a rough upbringing, only to later achieve godlike status through science. The setting is monumental in his characterization. His royal background but tough raising as a warrior result in a noble and strong man. He literally becomes a civilization's god, becoming the man who is described in their lore.
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This book, with it's complex setting and character back stories, is a whole universe thought out so well with such detail, that it is worth reading solely for that. Herbert has created complicated villains and heroes, both in need of being interpreted by the reader. As the best selling science fiction novel ever, and holder of a Hugo Award and the Nebula Award for Best novel, it is worthy of the time required to read it.