The Lion and the Monkey

Reese Renzi


Deep down in the jungle, there was a small little brown monkey, who was about the size of your hand, but he acted like the big King of the Jungle. As you might know, the lion is known as the King of the Jungle. The little monkey would swing around the jungle, from treetop to treetop, leafy vine to leafy vine, telling all the other animals and creatures what to do.

"I, George, am the King of the Jungle, and I order all of you to bow down to me!" George the Monkey said.

The big brown, elderly lion, with a dark brown mane that formed a crown atop of his head, Sumba, usually did not come out of his hut, he only came out to hunt for his family. But one day, a brave little frog hopped on in to Sumba's hut and reported how George has been acting and treating the other animals. Sumba didn't want war, he wanted to end this monkey's craziness in a non-violent way. He had a brilliant, but simple, plan.

Every jungle animal loved Sumba, and they wish they could see him more often. As Sumba walked out of his hut, every animal rushed and praised him and left George alone. George was upset at first, but he soon realized why nobody ever wanted to talk to him or be around him. Lion was being warmly welcomed, and George decided to say hello, bow down to Sumba, and give him a big, nice, warm hug. He was told by Sumba to apologize to each and every animal personally.

"Very good, George," Sumba sighed in relief.


Something that you might think is fun or cool, might be not so fun or amusing for someone else.