Nominal vs. Actual Dimension

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Lawsuit #2

"Menards and Home Depot stand accused of deceiving the lumber-buying public, specifically, buyers of 4x4 boards, the big brother to the ubiquitous 2x4.

The alleged deception: The retailers market and sell the hefty lumber as 4x4s without specifying that the boards actually measure 3½ inches by 3½ inches."

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Menards, Home Depot face lawsuits over descriptions of lumber size.
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Our response at Madison Wood:

Since the implementation of the MADWOOD Installer program, we has been proactively discussing the difference between nominal vs actual dimensions with retailers and end users. As of June 2017 a new statement will be introduced to all of our tags and sales related documents:

"Nominal dimensions listed. Actual dimensions may vary."

Because Madison Wood does not sell directly to consumers we feel it is necessary to inform our retailers of the changes in the industry so they can, at their own discretion, act accordingly. Below you will find a list of trending ways to make sure your company is protected from lawsuits such as the one listed above. We urge you to strongly consider implementing these best practices any way that you can in order to avoid consumer confusion.
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Trending Best Practices for Retailers:

-List actual dimensions on website descriptions
-List actual dimensions on invoice
-List actual dimensions on any placards in your yard

2x4x8 "ACTUAL SIZE: 1.5-IN x 3.5-IN x 8-FT"

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