McAlister's Deli

Marketing functions

Marketing info management

Some of the featured items on McAlister's menu are the Baked ham and Swiss, The turkey hot Brown and Chicago Style Sausage Style etc.


The McAlister's franchise gets its money not only from it many loyal and new customers, but also from the purchase of every new building. Since McAlister's is a franchise that is always opening new locations there income comes from that mostly.


They are not the cheapest deli in Texas. But for the quality of the food it is worth a few extra dollars. Everything is flavorful and fresh because they only use the freshest and best ingredients.


The biggest promotional item is obviously the free advertising they get when people go and talk about how good their food was. But the biggest promotional item they pay for is the coupons such as Unlimited nachos for 8 bucks or the grilled chicken sandwich for 7 and much more


McAlister's sells a variety delicious deli foods they have things like loaded baked potatoes if you are in a hearty food mood or lighter options like soup salads and sandwiches.


McAlister's gets its products from the local markets so everything stays fresh.


They sell to not only there customers that come into the restaurant but they also have a catering business so they could sell to an individual or a large group/party.

how they make u return

with the great service and the wonderful food I don't see how you wouldn't want to return. When you first walk in the cashier greets you and welcomes you, Then you order your food and go to your seat, then the server brings you your delicious food and you inhale it. And finally when your leaving everyone says have a good day.

target market

McAlister's target market is for people that are looking to have a nice relaxing deli style meal with their family. The are not a fancy or formal restaurant so you can bring your kids and have a nice meal. they are also very good at getting your food out quick so you could they are perfect if you are in a hurry.

Job types

The most important part of any restaurant of course is the cook. Even though you don't always see them they still play a huge roll. Without a good cook the food would either be gross or non existent. the cooks also make your plate look pretty.

On the other hand my favorite job is the cashier/bus boys. They make you experience fun and make you feel welcome. they also have to be trusted because they have access to the money and have to know how to give the right change