Boycott: Seal protection

Precious and Rigel

Our boycott against Canadian seafood

The seals need your help today! Innocent cute, little, and fluffy seals are being slaughtered mercilessly, with bats, and sharp objects, by very cruel people. These people are part of the fishing industry you see, and by boycotting the seafood industry, that affects their fishing, which includes the seal hunting!

The group hosting this boycott is the humane society of america. The humane Society of the US is the nation's largest animal protection organization, rated the most effective by its peers. We help animals in need. We organize animals and their houses/food. We also provide expert animal rescue response at natural disasters. We're there for all animals, across america and around the world. We celebrate pets, as well as wildlife and habitat protection.

We hope you decided to help us!

Join our boycott now! Save the seals!