Jesus Sandoval's Portfolio

Graphics and Desgin

This Project is Called the Cartoon Project

  1. The editing software used to make this "masterpiece" was Adobe Illustrator CS5.
  2. I chose this as one of my "best pieces" because I personally liked how it ended up looking like after finishing. What makes it successful to me is how good, in my opinion, it came out looking.
  3. One thing that was important during creating this was trying my best not to mess up and if I did then I'd learn what I did wrong and how to correct it.
  4. If I could work further on this I would make slight changes to some ridged parts of this character and refine it some more.
  5. One thing I'd like you to see when evaluating this is how good I was able to make this on my first try. Someone with zero experience can make something like that after just only figuring out how to use one tool.

Here are some other examples of works I'v made

Photoshop Clone Edit

  1. The editing software I used to make this was Adobe Illustrator.
  2. An issue that I found was how to photoshop the person out because I was pretty confused but after some help I got the hang of it.
  3. The reason I chose this one was because I was happy with how it came out.
  4. One thing to evaluate is how you can't tell where the person, which I photoshopped out, is after the image has been photoshopped.
  5. One thing I would change would have to be who I ended up taking out of the image.