A Trip To Dallas,Texas

By: Alexander Re


DELTA airline is where I am going to fly it cost for two people for a roundtrip $1,068 for it

The data I will be going is Feb,8,2014 and data of return is Feb,15,2014 I will be back.

Hotel and City

My hotel I am is called Baymont Inn it cost $216.00 for 6 nights.
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Places I will visit and eat at and the cost that will be left over and the budget

For lunch I payed $84 and supper $420.

I will go to Dallas zoo for $10.00

I will go to Museum Tower for $27.00

I will go to the Dallas aquarium for $41.00

I pay for the hole trip $1866.00 and the money left over is $2134.00 and my budget is $4000.00

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