Finishing up Mod 12 & 3rd Quarter

Assignments DUE this Week!

Module 12 MC test - FINAL DAY!!

Tuesday, March 17th, 11:45pm

This is an online event.

Don't forget It is the final day for the MC test for Module 12. Your Module 12 Essay Assessment is open TODAY. Don't delay!

INFORM: End of Quarter Friday!

The last day of the grading period is Friday - so I will be completing grades for this term over the weekend. This means that ALL assignments must be submitted no later than March 20th - INCLUDING test corrections for Module 12.

INSTRUCT: 4th Quarter and Time Management

Fourth quarter assignments - for Modules 13, 14, and the AP Review - will be scheduled differently than previously. Instead of individual due dates for assignments, you will have more flexibility to manage your own schedule. HOWEVER - important things to remember:

  • You are responsible to read the Learning Block post EVERY day - and to read email I send to you - even when you are on Spring Break.
  • Due dates are FINAL! You may finish items up to the due date - but no credit will be given for work submitted past the deadline.
  • I have inserted the schedule through early May below - and attached it to this Learning Block post. Read it - and PLAN AHEAD!
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CELEBRATE: Outstanding Effort on the Module 12 Test

Congratulations to the many students who worked hard to do well on this test. I appreciate the effort you make!