Food Science, Food Technology & Culinary Arts

Educational Requirements

In today’s complex food industry, companies are seeking employees who can offer that competitive edge through experience and proven competencies in both culinary arts and food science. RCA certified professionals are preferred by many employers because they guide innovation in this dynamic industry, offering unique credentials and powerful, value-added skills that are truly Defining the Future of Food®.

Job Discription

A program that focuses on the blending of food science and the culinary arts and that prepares individuals to work as research chefs and related research and development positions in the food industry. Includes instruction in culinary arts, food chemistry, food safety and quality, food processing, nutrition, and business management.

Pay Scale

Can make anywhere from $45,000 to $100,000. The starting salary for a Culinology graduate is $52,000.


Jobs Availible

Graduates may go to work with major food manufacturers, custom manufacturing facilities, restaurant chains, etc., in positions such as: Research and Development Chef, TecnoChef™, Product Development Manager, Corporate Chef, Culinary Research and Development Director, Culinary Research Technologist, Savory Lab Manager, Product Formulation Chef, and Manager of Culinology.