Who invented the band-aids?

It was invented in 1920s by Johnson & Johnson employer Earle Dickson.

Earle Dickson

He was an inventor he invented the Band-aid. He lived in Highland park in new jersey. He was a cotton buyer at Johnson & Johnson.

Why did he invented it?

He invented it for his wife because while he was cooking he use to get cuts and burns all the time so he cuts a large piece of bandages and made it into small pieces of a gauze on surgical tape.
The bandage was less cumbersome and easier to handle he took the idea to the Johnson brothers who realized the market potential of the product.

How was it?

At first it was a quiet big it was 18 inches long and two-and-a-half inches wide but it was handmade.


By 1924 they made smaller band-aid and they were introduced in a new package.
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In 1920 the company made a dry gauze dressing that was germ-resistant packaging.

What happen to Earle Dickson??

Before he invented the band aid he was just an employer but after his invention he became the vice President of Johnson & Johnson in 1957.


Package in 1920

World war II

In 1939 Band-Aids became completely free from bacteria just in time for World War II. During the war they sent millions of Band-Aids overseas and the bandages were even included in standard mess kits and medic bags for the soldiers


Band aids over the years

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