Fisher Family

exciting news about a family


1) Paul is getting ready to move to his new house in Florida

2) He sees fires in a tangerine Field

3)When he arrives his bother does not care that he is there

4) His mom calls the fire department about smoke in their house and it turns out to be a muke fire

5) A viscous storm wipes out the power and Paul and his mom have to reset all the

6) Eric impresses his coach with his "scillz"

7) he goes to the new school and the older kids call him eclipse boy

8) Paul can predict the future

9) Paul tryout for soccer

10) mike dies

Erik fisher Football Dream

On Paul's side is the Mom and they usually want there answer to be the only answer like when the fire man comes and says there is no fire in the house it is coming from a muck fire that can't be put out. When the mom heard this she want him to go and put out the fire the easy way or the hard way. Erik and his dad are on the other team they only think of them selves like at the time of family dinner the dad only spoke about the Erik fisher dream. A similar factor is that Erik and Paul hate each other and Like when one the first day of school the kids are told by Erik to call Paul eclipse boy.

tragedy strikes

First, Erik gets out of the car that was covered with mud he goes up to mom and says mike is dead. Next, he tells his mom that his whole left side had been burned off. Then, the boys bother was going crazy. Finally, he is dead and his dreams live.