Renewable Energy Resources


Solar Energy

Good Things

1. It will always be their!

2. It is help full for homes!

Bad things

1. the solar sells don't work very good on cloudy days.

2. It can't work at all at night.

Wind energy!

Good things

1. nonpolluting

2. free

Bad things

1. only a few regions have strong enough winds to run them

2. wind is not always steady

Hydroelectric energy

good things

1. always water running

2. water can power things

bad things

1. damage habitats

2. flood places

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geothermal energy

good things

1. you can find rocks anywhere to power them

bad things

1. it polluts the air

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biomas energy

good things

1. gets rid of trash

2. ethonal can be mixed with fuel

bad thing

1. particles are released in the air

2.uses more energy than it produses

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