Edgar Allan Poe

By: Brett Hertz

Edgar Allan Poe's Childhood

Edgar was born to traveling actors in Boston on January 19,1809. He was the second of 3 kids. When he was 2 years old, his mom died and by then his dad already left them. He went with Mr. and Mrs. John Allan. He went to school and learned Latin, French, math,and history. When he was 17 years old he went to the University of Virginia in 1826. John was rich, but didn't give Edgar much money. He got about one- third of what he needed to live. So he had to leave the University and got in debt because of drinking.

Who Edgar Allan Poe was.

He was an author who wrote horror stories. When he was younger, some of his family died and he blames himself for it. This was mostly what he wrote about, his family death was what made him write these stories. He was poor even though his step-father was rich. He struggled through life and drank alchohol.

His most significant work

His most significant work was "The Raven"

his first published work

His first published work was "Tamberlane and other poems" in 1827 in Boston. It was published by Calvin F. S. Thomas.

His Themes and Genres

His usual themes were about death and loss.
His stories go into the detective, fiction genre.

His impact and influence on the world

He impacted the world with his stories and tales of horror and fear.

Life of death and Sickness

His mom, wife, and step-mom died from a disease. and he thinks that it was his fault because he is cursed.

His death

His death was a mystery because he had disappeared and was later found. Once he was found he was taken to the hospital. A few days later he dies and no one knows what killed him.