Investigating the Religious Wars

Of the 16th and 17th Centuries

Project Instructions

Task: Use to create a simple website that highlights your assigned religious war. Factors that need to be included are listed below. Once you have finished your website, send me the link (follow the directions below). Your link is due to me by the end of the day Thursday, November 5th. On Friday, November 6th we will be doing an online “gallery walk” with these websites so you must turn one in to receive credit. No grade will be given for late projects, however you may increase your grade for proficiency on a project already turned in.

Details: Your website must include all of the following. DO NOT COPY AND PASTE. SUMMARIZE IN YOUR OWN WORDS.

Years: Years that the conflict began and ended

Summary: In a well written paragraph summarize the overall conflict. Keep in mind: Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How

Cause: Find the root cause and the direct cause of the conflict. These are often different.

Course: This can be done in a timeline or through a description of events that occurred during your conflict. Be creative with the design.

Key Figures/Groups: Who were the main people and/or groups that were involved in this conflict (these can be battle leaders, religious groups, writers, Kings/Queens or others). Include a brief description of each person/group you name.

Outcome: Who won the conflict and what were the significant details of the peace treaty (if any)

Main Significance: On a big picture, what was the overall significance of this conflict. You might not be able to find this directly written somewhere. You need to think about what was happening before the conflict, the direct results of the conflict and what happened in the years after to grasp the larger significance in history.

Must include the link to at least one primary source document that relates to your conflict. Look at speeches, books, peace treaties, official declarations. With this link you must include at least a 3 sentence description/summary of the primary source. Think about what it is, why it was written, what it basically says.

Must link 3 sources that you obtained your information from. These sources must be from a reputable history site. Examples... College professors, history sites, and museums.

Turn in your project using the link below!

Student Websites

Please use the websites below to help you fill out the Gallery Walk chart. You will need to look at at least one website for each of the religious wars. Do not feel confined to your period. Use any website (or multiple websites) that you wish.

Once you have completed the chart, on a separate sheet of paper, write a one paragraph summary of each war. Try not to use your notes, but just your general understanding of each conflict.