Boating and Shiping

What it Really Does to Marine Life

Boat Leaks

When boats leak they can admit oil into the bay polluting the water and when boats get wrecked, The exhaust from a boat also go into the water just like with cars. propellers on boats turn up mud and living creatures on the bay floor which could lead to confused animals and mud and oil mixed together.

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Fish can be effected greatly by the amount of boating or shipping in there area. For one direct contact or getting caught up in a boats net can cause mortality. The exhaust or spills lead to a disturbance of the fishes feeding, spawning, and nesting. The chemicals from boating lowers fish population and overall lower the marine life's living standard.
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Toxic Cleaning supliments

Chipped paint on boats can be poisonous to the bay. putting a new coat on the chipped parts can help as well as taking your boat out of the water while your not using it. Cleaning supplies can also be harmful to the bay such as soaps, polishers, window cleaner or any thing used to clean a boat that is toxic maybe even if it's not toxic.

How can you help?

  • Only turn a boat engine on all the way you need to.

  • Try not to spill gasoline.

  • Dispose of wastes properly

  • Manage sewage wastes properly

  • Don't throw sewage wastes in the water( it's against the law)

  • Throw away your garbage in trash been

  • Try ordering your items through non shipping methods