How You SHOULD View the Millenials

The Generation of Memes and Dreams

Scientific and Technological Advancements

Although many consider the generation now to be lazy, unintelligible, and rude, it is fairly easy to argue the generation's overall advanced behavior in the field of science and technology. Nearly any teen today knows how to properly and efficiently use some form of technological equipment, whether it be a smart phone, a computer, a gaming console, etc... Vastly overshadowing the level of comfort using technology demonstrated by the majority or previous generations. Now with the help of the internet, teens today can use a piece of technology just as efficiently as an adult from a previous generation who was actually schooled to do the same. That's sick nasty, my dudes.

Wow, are we compassionate! (Sorta)

It would be an understatement to consider the millennials anything less that the most accepting and compassionate generation since the dawn of humanity. They've made more advancements towards global tolerance of minorities, in particular the LGBTQ Community in the last several years that have been made since the term "Homosexual" was constituted. So that's pretty cool!

Now if only we could eliminate racism, homophobia, and sexism entirely...

Journey to Open a Youth Center

Internet Success!

Hundreds of thousands of teens and young adults today have found success and happiness sharing their talents, humor, and ideas on the internet scene. Whether it be YouTube, Gaming, or some other medium - Teens are finding ways to not only bring joy to their followers, but to provide for themselves financially, doing something they love! (Aka, people are getting rich with memes. #memecurrency2K16)

In conclusion, we're pretty cool, so don't hate us.

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