Raymonds Run

By; Toni Bambara, Created by: Nathan Stringer

Plot and Theme

The story Raymonds run is a story about a girl named Hazel (AKA Squeaky) who is the best runner in town. Nobody has beat her exept her dad but on May Day Squeaky and her brother Raymond went to the races Squeaky was competing with a girl named Gretchen who said she was the best runner in town. When they started running the 50 yard dash squeaky looks over and sees raymond running in his own unique way. Squeaky wins the race and her and gretchen apologize and become friends. Its a inspirational story because squeaky learns that noithing is better than friends and family at the end Gretchen and Squeaky become a team when they want to help Raymond become a star runner.

How it affects me.

Raymonds Run told me that everyone can come together even if you are competing with one another that everyone is the same.

Toni Bambara

wrote this story because she wantes to express her feeling on the sitioutuion whith squeaky and raymond