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Educational Packet & Virtual Learning Updates

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Revised Calendar 19-20 May & June

For full calendar, please click HERE.

May 6th, 20th, and June 1st are planning days for teachers.

May 15th and 25th are vacation days for teachers and students. Our last day is June 17th.

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Virtual Instruction Day - Lincoln Public Schools

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Family Connections

Through a grant from the RI Foundation/UWRI Covid-19 Response Fund to provide (at no cost), Family Connections through June 2020.

Using tele-health platforms families can collaborate with TAP staff to help establish a more structured environment, engaging activities and individualized strategies and supports for parents and caregivers to use across the day. Families will receive education and personalized supports that will best fit the needs of their child.

Parent to Parent-5-week training series

Parent to Parent is a unique training series in which trained parent coaches offer their experiences and education to support families who are raising a child with an ASD.

Parents have the opportunity to network with other parents to learn about strategies, support and resources available to them and their children. Offered live, online through Zoom.


The buttons below are links to the grade-level "educational packets" referenced by Dr. Filippelli in his correspondence below. Each student who was present today received hard copies of these packets. These packets DO NOT need to be completed next week, March 16th -20th, during the revised vacation week.

However, in the event that schools need to be closed for longer than next week, we wanted you to have these resources. Further instructions will be sent out if and when continuance of instruction is necessary.

KINDERGARTEN REGISTRATION: Please stay tuned. New date coming soon.

Please do not hesitate to contact me at SaravoL@lincolnps.org with any questions or concerns.

Stay safe and healthy,

Mrs. Saravo

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The Lincoln Public Library is now offering pickup of books and DVDs for Lincoln residents. The cardholder must call the library at 333-2422, ext. 22 to request no more than 5 items to be checked out on the card. The library card must be valid. Items will be put into a plastic bag with the cardholder's name and placed in the foyer on a designated table. Patrons will not be allowed into the library. If you see that a patron is in the foyer picking up items, please wait until that patron exits the foyer before you enter. If you must return items, please DO NOT leave in foyer. Place in outside bookdrop.

If you have questions about your library card, please call circulation at 333-2422, ext. 10.

Don't have a library card? You can apply online to get a temporary card at Ocean State Libraries.

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Virtual Meeting Times

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How to Get Into Google CR via the App

Please click here fr directions with graphics.

Parents Guide to Google Classroom in 2020
Zoom for Kids: How to Set Up the Zoom App for Students and Parents

Technology & Accessibility

For students who DO NOT have access to technology at home...

Lincoln Public Schools will be distributing Google Chromebooks to students who need access to technology while the school is closed.

WHAT YOU WILL NEED: The student's parent/guardian will need to fill out a Chromebook Usage Form and Agreement which will be available upon pick up OR make your pick-up faster by downloading the form HERE, completing it and bringing it with you. Parents must complete the form and hand in to school officials on site. A Chromebook will be distributed to the parent/guardian for use by the student for Google classroom learning and communications with their teachers for any questions they may have.

WHEN: Chromebooks will be available for pick up between the hours of 10:00 AM and 11:00 AM on Monday (3/23/20) and Tuesday (3/24/20) on the grounds of your child's school. Administration will be on site to assist with chromebook distribution.

For any parent/guardian without internet access...

Cox Communications has provided the following information to assist during this time: Cox has a program called Connect2Compete. It gives students who do not have residential Cox services with an internet connection for FREE for 30 days. It will not apply to anyone who already has residential internet with Cox. For more information, you can go to the following website: https://www.cox.com/residential/internet/connect2compete.html?sc

Once the school is reopened, the students must return the Chromebook back to the school.

Continuation of Food Services: Breakfast and Lunch

The Lincoln Public Schools in collaboration with Chartwells Food Service will be providing a box lunch (as well as breakfast for the next day) for all students in Lincoln during the duration of the school closure...

WHEN: Beginning Monday, March 23, 2020 between the hours of 12:00 PM and 1:00 PM Monday through Friday

WHERE: There will be two designated food distribution sites for Lincoln Public Schools. The two sites are Northern Elementary School and Lincoln High School

WHAT YOU WILL NEED: Students will need to provide their NutriKids/Student ID number in order to get a meal.

DETAILS: These lunches will be distributed outdoors on the grounds of Northern Elementary and Lincoln High School Elementary. LOOK FOR signage indicating where the boxed lunches can be picked up. The procedure will be much like a drive up window. Parents/guardians will drive/walk up to the schools and staff members will hand parents/guardians the boxed lunches.

HOW LONG WILL THIS LAST: These lunches will be provided for the entire duration of school closure from Monday through Friday.

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Screen-Free Activities

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Let's keep reading!

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Greeting from Mrs. Saravo

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Northeast Sports Training


Good morning and I hope this email finds you doing well. Our Athletic Training partner, NEST has set up some online workouts for our students, coaches, and staff to do while we are practicing social distancing. Below you will find a link where you can sign up to access your online workouts. When you sign up for NEST OTP (Online Training Platform) you will receive daily workouts, injury prevention strategies, nutrition advice, and general health and wellness tips from our NEST coaches, trainers, therapists, and dietitians.


If you should have any questions please feel free to reach out to me. I hope you and your families are doing well and I look forward to hopefully seeing each of you soon. Thanks again and stay safe.

Greg O'Connor

Director of Athletics

Lincoln Public Schools

Weekly Schedules

Distance Learning March 23rd-27th

Complete the iReady English/Language Arts and mathematics materials distributed on March 13th.

Teachers will provide feedback upon return to school. The goal is to mitigate learning loss.

Students are encouraged to read!

Virtual Learning March 30th-April 3rd

Virtual Instructional Days will be used to maintain the momentum of learning, minimizing the interruptions caused by emergency and/or inclement weather days.

Complete the iReady English/Language Arts and mathematics materials distributed on March 13th if not already complete.

Work on assignments TO BE posted on school’s website and below with information on how connect with teachers.

April 6th-9th TBD

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PAWS & Positivity

Lincoln Central Elementary: Where Lions Roar - Respect, Responsibility and Safety to Self and Others!

Let's keep it up boys and girls. Your teachers AND families will keep us informed about all of the WONDERFUL things I know you will continue to do! We will do Virtual Shout Outs on Fridays to keep us all connected and to celebrate the hard work that I know we will continue TOGETHER!

This is a challenge, but I truly believe that we are only handed what we can handle and conquer. My husband and I knew how special Lincoln is 17 years ago when decided to settle here. There is NO BETTER community with which I would want to navigate these uncertain times.

March Newsletter

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Mellen PE May 18th - 22nd

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Mellen PE May 11-14th

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Mellen May 4th-8th Phys Ed

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Mellen PE April 27-May 1

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Physical Education - Mrs. Mellen & Mrs. Hallam

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Health May 26th-29th

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Health May 11th-14th

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Health Mellen May 4th-8th

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Health Education - Mrs. Hallam & Mrs. Mellen

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Mrs. Mellen's Week 1 Class & Chant

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Reading - Mrs. DiPetrillo

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Mrs. Carr's Daily Schedule

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