Summer Camp/HBCU College Tours

Youth For Christ Crusade/Arkansas Academic Adventure

July 17-20, 2019


(Wednesday -& Thursday, July 17-18)

This year we will explore Historically Black Colleges in Central Arkansas. to Our youth will get to see what it feels like to be on the college campus. In our adventure we will going to the Spa City to have fun at Magic Springs & Crystal Falls in Hot Springs! This will be an adventurous journey which you will not want to miss!!!


(Friday & Saturday, July 19 & 20)

Come join the fun as we spend 1.5 days in Bismark, AR, just outside of Hot Springs, AR where we will enjoy, hiking, volleyball, dodgeball, kick ball, baseball, fishing, powerful youth rallies, and many other activities.


Transportation will be provided at no extra cost to those participating in AAA & Camp. Those who only plan to attend AAA must arrange for pick-up on Thursday evening. Those who plan to only attend the summer camp session must make their own arrangements to get to the campsite.

A shuttle will be making 3 stops for pick to pick-up those participating in both the AAA & Summer Camp. Note: the times are subject to change.

6:00 am - Memphis, TN - 1380 Faxon Ave.

6:45 am - Earle, AR - Lighthouse Temple/1132 Patterson St

7:30 am - Wynne, AR - The Temple/ Union Ave.

9:30 am - Little Rock, AR - Shorter College

All 3 nights will be spent at:

The Barfifty Guest Ranch

18192 Hwy 84

Bismark, AR 71929

Camp Needs & Essentials

Dress Casual for College Tour

-No jeans unless nice shirt

-No sweat pants unless dress style

1 small bag/suitcase unless sharing

-PACK LIGHT, not many clothes are needed for camp

-Backpack is ideal

Sleeping bag or comforter/pillow

Swimwear (modest shorts) & shoes

Toiletries - toothbrush & paste, soap, & etc.

Sport clothing

Registration Sheet (or note of approval) with Parent Signature

Code of Conduct

Girls are NOT allowed in the boy's rooms at any time

Girls are NOT allowed in the boy's rooms at any time

Cell phone use may be limited

No use of any alcohol or tobacco products

No unprescibed drugs of any kind

No profanity

No pornography

No sexual activity of any kind

No disrespctful attitudes

No fighting, bullying, stealing, lying, & etc

Big picture

AAA Itinerary/Contact

9:30-45 am - Shorter College - 501-374-6305 ext. 508

11:00 am - UAPB/Lunch - 870-515-8960

2:00 pm - Philander Smith College - 501-370-5221

4:00 pm - Arkansas Baptist College - 501-420-1200

Arkansas Academic Asventure with HIstorically Black Colleges

University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff


Philander Smith College

Arkansas Baptist College

Shorter College

Enjoy a day at Magic Springs in Hot Springs, AR

Register NOW!!!!

Camp Costs

Regular Rates


AAA only …………………....…... $75

Camp only …………………….…$35

AAA & Camp ……………....…. $100

Covers all meals, housing, and museum &

park entry fees. Transportation provided for

the AAA & Camp combined only!

Earlybird Special July 7th

$75 for AAA & Camp



Summer Camp & AAA

July 17-20, 2019

Names _________________________________

Address ________________________________


Phone __________________________________

Email __________________________________

Church _________________________________

School _________________________________

Age _________ Gender M / F

Parent’s signature if under age 18:


Emergency contact ______________________

Illness/handicaps / Meds _________________

AAA participant July 17-18? Yes No

Summer Camp July 19-20? Yes No

Send and make payments payable to:


C/O YFCC Summer Camp

P0 Box 911

Wynne, AR 72396

Amount enclosed: $ __________________

Amount due: $ __________________


Youth For Christ Crusade is composed of various programs in the state of Arkansas under 501C3 statuses. Each program is in operation in their own local community. These youth groups convene together every summer and at various times of the year for wholesome camps and mentoring festivities. Our purpose is to inspire youth Mentally, Spiritually, Physically, and Academically.

If you would like to make a donation or sponsor a child, please send and make your money order/check payable to the below address. Remember, no gift is too small. May God bless you and restore unto you 100-fold!

Send and make payments payable to:


C/O YFCC Summer Camp

P0 Box 911

Wynne, AR 72396


The Simmons

The Church of Jesus Christ Congregational Inc.

Land O Frost

The Macklins

The Smalls

Michael Small