April 25-Get Whitt It!

Class lists...rubrics...thinking thoughts...oh my!

Team leaders, I have palced AA rubrics in your box. Just hold off on them until after the leadership advance this weekend and let's chat then. Pack your thinking caps y'all!!

Notes from Patricia & Patty

*Grades are due for Progress Note 4B Friday, May 3, 2019 at 5:00.

Counselor's Corner

Please help us welcome Kristin Jordan as our new counselor! She is coming to us from Cooper JH. She teaches Texas History, is married and has a sweet lil'10 month old baby girl. We're super excited to add her to our team...and if you wanna see how we did that, I've added a video below. Joe Sanfelippo would be so proud!

Notes from the Nurse

Thanks for helping with our crisis drill this morning! We have a few things to "fix" (which is why we practice), but overall it went fabulous!!

Sign-up in Eduphoria for a FREE CPR course offered this summer:

July 15, 16 & 17 8:30 am at Wylie East


We are getting new carpet this summer! To make it easier on the carpet people, we will need to have all of our things up off of the floor (except furniture) when we leave on May 24th. If you have books on a bookshelf, please box them up and put them on your back counter. Also, there shouldn’t be anything hanging on the walls lower than 3 feet from the carpet. If you have personal furniture (bookshelves, other shelving systems) they will either be moved to your counter, or to the cafeteria. Please make sure that you label them with your room number so that they get back to you! If you have any extra special personal items, it might be a good idea to take them home for the summer so that they stay safe. We are lucky that they are doing this during the summer – some places have to pack up and move during the school year! Can you even imagine?!?

Calendar Comings


25 MP out AP Meeting

26 GT Assessments end; Leadership Retreat

MAY (are you even kidding me right now...)

1 Last day for PO's; Para Luncheon; No more library book checkout for K-2


3 Grades due for Progress Note 4B at 5:00 p.m.

3 Wolf Howl

4 Whitt Golf Tournament

Teacher Appreciation Week, 5-10

6 GT Results start going home to parents this week

7 PTA board meeting, talent show tryouts,

8 RTI Marathon ILO PLC's

9 Breakfast with moms

10 MAP EOY Window Closes


13 STAAR Math, 3-4

14 STAAR Reading, 3-4

15 Volunteer luncheon

16 PTA luncheon ATout @ESCDay performance talent show, Senior reception, PM talent show

17 Final Grades are due for all students by 5:00 p.m.

17 Field Day (No PACK), Senior Walk

20 3-4 Shenanigans trip, school board meeting

21 Book worm party, K-2 readers (ice cream in the cafeteria)

22 Splash Day

23 Student celebrations, last day!

24 Badge and Key Collection

25 MP moves to Wylie! No one prob cares, but I am excited. Ha!!