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gym equipment suppliers south africa

Green Outdoor Gym equipment suppliers south africa

Green Outdoor Gym ( offers a variety of high-quality and unique climbing walls. Our climbing walls, along with our hand holds, mats, safety features, curriculum and accessories, will enable you to develop the best possible climbing program. This sport is recognized as globally as the new physical education. This awesome activity captivates all learners, even those not typically interested in physical activity. Climbing provides opportunities to build physical, cognitive, social and emotional skills.

We are dedicated to improving youth fitness and our focus is to serve the needs of schools,camps, park and recreation centers across the country. The Green Outdoor Gym Climbing Wall Construction Team members install climbing walls of all types in a variety of facilities across the country. Project duration can range from 1 week to several months depending on your project size. We are proficient in many construction processes and techniques including welding, carpentry, plastering, shotcrete, hardware, and general construction.

Cylinder damper device integrated into this series with the end result being ecoGyms capable of creating resistance. The user controls resistane by turning the adjusting button from lower tap to the higher tap. Cylinder damper device is cleverly installed into the column of the machine which completely eliminates the risk of extrusion and malicious damage to the Cylinder device.

The main poles are made up by the outside wooden plastic materials and inside.The 3mm main poles are covered in a material resembling wood (combination of wood and plastic materials). Designed to withstanding 10 levels wind the canopy will protect the users from rain and ultraviolet rays. They look like big white birds flying above the ground of fitness square.

Green Outdoor Gyms 267 Oak Ave, Oakfields Office Park Ferndale Randburg, Gauteng 2125

Telephone: 082 048 9798

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Green Outdoor Gyms addresses the problem of obesity. Studies show that obesity rates are rising rapidly in adults and children, whilst physical activity is on the decrease. Green Outdoor Gyms provide a solution to keeping fit for people who cannot afford commercial fitness centers, while keeping "green" by providing high quality outdoor gym equipment for parks, schools etc.