How to Become a Global Scholar

Class of 2017

What is a Global Scholar?

The UCPS Global Scholars Program recognizes graduating seniors for their hard work throughout their high school careers as well as for the completion of a Service Learning Project.

Criteria for becoming a Global Scholar:

  • 1 Earth/Environmental Science credit
  • 4 Social Studies credits
  • 2 World Language credits that include levels 1 and 2
  • 6 Elective credits that include at least two second-level or advanced courses
  • Completion of a Service Learning Project

Why Become a Global Scholar?

  • You will receive special recognition at your commencement ceremony as well as on your diploma.
  • The distinction looks impressive on college applications, job applications, and resumes.

How are Global Scholars Recognized?

  • Special cords for graduation provided by Dr. Harris
  • A seal affixed to your diploma
  • Recognition during the Commencement Ceremony

Service Learning Project Information

What is a Service Learning Project: A project that is designed by the student that integrates meaningful community service and has a global theme. Students will reflect on the entire process.

Service Learning Project Process:

  1. Submit a proposal to Mr. Ferron that explains the community service you plan on or have provided.
  2. Provide a brief outline of the Service Learning Project that explains the planning process.
  3. Once approved, complete the Service Learning Project and create a Google Presentation that explains what you did and the global connection.
  4. Note that you may use a Service Project you've already completed as long as it is recent and has a global connection.

Global Scholars Timeline

  • Friday, April 7th: Service Learning Proposals Due to Mr. Ferron
  • April 17 - 21: PRHS Globalization Committee will review proposals for approval
  • First Week of May: Students will present their Google Presentation to members of the Globalization Committee.

Interested in Becoming a Global Scholar...

...then fill out the form below and Mr. Ferron will get in touch with you to discuss the process and answer questions.