"How to Use Excel"

By: Cole Kepler

What is Excel

A excel is a software program that allows you to record data, add data, and charge data.

What is a column

A column is a up and down row this vertical line that you will see on a spreadsheet.

What is a row

A row is a right to left line, a row is a horizontal line that you will see in a spreadsheet


  • sum: adds all of the numbers up
  • average: takes the average of the numbers
  • max: takes the highest of the numbers
  • min: takes the lowest of the numbers

How to create a chart

Go to your gmail and log in, the click drive, then look for the button create and click that the it will drop down chooses of document, spreadsheet, presentation, then you click spreadsheet, then it will bring up a chart

How to move a chart to a new sheet

How to make a chart on its on sheet you click on your chart and it will pop up there will be an eye and a pencil, go to the right of those things and you will see a arrow pointing down click on it and go way to the bottom and click on move to own sheet, and that will move it to its own sheet.

Stuff I want to discuss

  • one thing i think is handy is the money sign on a spreadsheet, it will help you when your dealing with money $ 14,000
  • strike through: you click on strike through and a line strikes through the word or number
  • filter: which lets you put them in order like A-Z or Z-A, 1-100 or 100-1