Chemical Technicians

By: Stephanie Arango (STEM Career)

Work Tasks

  • Chemical Technicians help scientist explore new chemicals or other substances to use at a science lab. Chemical Technicians do chemical test to make analyses of states of matter findings. This job takes place in labs.
  • Analyze, produce, research chemicals
  • Examine chemicals
  • study scientific research data or explore findings


Annual wage: $46,590
Hourly: $22.05


An associates degree is needed for a chemical technicians job.
Colleges that offer Physical Science Technologies/Technicians majors are:

  • Eastern Florida College
Cocoa, Florida

  • Lee College Baytown
Baytown, Texas
state college

  • Saint Paul College
Saint Paul, Minnesota

Outlook for 2020
12 percent employment growth for chemical technicians jobs from 2010-2020