Congential Anomalies

Harris Beckley, David Androsch, and Ben Blair


Congenital Anomalies are abnormalities in the body which are present at birth.

  1. They are also known as Birth Defects
  2. Congenital Anomalies include everything from extra digits to incompletely formed brain
  3. They are identified in about every three out of every 100 births (3%)
  4. There are a various number of reasons for babies to be born with anomalies, and they are not necessarily harmful or the parent's fault.
  5. Deaths from CA (congenital anomalies) include: malformations in the circulatory systems, failure of skull development, musculoskeletal, and urogenital deaths.

Environmental Factors

-If a pregnant woman consumes excessive amounts of alcohol the baby has a risk of getting

- Children with this decease may have various defects in growth, facial appearance, and mental ability

- German measles can cause deafness, blindness, and heart defects.

- Some medications can cause birth defects in new borns.

- The older the mother is, the more likely she is to give birth to a child with down syndrome.

- Pollution of the enviorment can cause many birth defects.

Behavior Risk Factors

Behavior risk factors are:

- delays in meeting developmental milestones

- problems with feeding

- difficulty breathing

- failed newborn hearing tests

- seizures

Heredity Factors

Genes present in your family can determin whether you'll have birth defects. Gregor Mendel developed a theory called the Mendelian Inheritance. This theory states that when you have a birth defect a dominate gene is defective. Whether the dominate gene comes from the mother or the father, the birth defect will show up on the offspring. Some birth defects can come from malformed chromosomes. That includes:

1. extra chromosomes

2. mishapen chromosomes

3. missing chromosomes

Some birth defects can be diagnosed before labor using ulta sound technology.

Ways Congenital Anomalies Can Be Prevented

  1. Avoid intake of medications
  2. Increase iodine intake
  3. Increase folic acid during pregnancy
  4. Avoid infections
  5. Avoid alcohol intake